Thursday, 22 April 2021

What's new in version 8.15:


  • Added support of HP SmartArray, DDF and ARECA RAID metadata formats;
  • Support of RAID6 on 3 drives as this configuration is allowed on some controllers;
  • Added separate Adaptec RAID5EE configuration to RAID builder;
  • When RAID Builder tab is active and Parallel Search or Data Comparison is opened:
    - Added option to copy current list of storages from RAID builder to the tool;
    - Synchronization includes both list of 'valid' storages and hex viewer position.
  • Enabled possibility to open multiple 'New RAID' tabs;
  • Fixed bug decrypting APFS FusionDrive storages;
  • Added indication of component's 'RAID properties' on storage properties sheet;
  • ReFS: Support of symbolic links;
  • Added option to save image files to EnCase E01 format;
  • Added 'read' support of common CCTV file systems;
  • Added quick detection of lost partitions at 'standard' offsets;
  • Support of storages with physical sector size 1 and 2 KB.

Monday, 22 March 2021

What's new in version 8.14:

* Added new 'RAID Decomposition' tool ('Reverse RAID'):

- Supports virtual decomposition of any source storage; - Supports opening of any produced virtual components; - Decomposition of RAID0 with custom stripe size; - Decomposition of RAID1E ('near' or 'interlaced') with custom stripe size; - Decomposition of RAID5: custom stripe size, parity delay and rotation; - Decomposition of RAID6: custom stripe size, parity delay, rotation and RS-math;
* Open chunks as span: added option to sort images by numeric file name extension;
* LVM/thin: added recognition of sector/byte size of LVM tree metadata chunks;
* Support of automatic reconstruction of mdadm RAID10/near layout;
* Fixed crash bug when big span (over 1024 components) is opened in RAID builder;
* Drobo BeyondRAID: added manual volume definition when InfoTable is lost or damaged;
* Disk imager: added optional splitting of image to chunks of fixed size;
* Added displaying of GPT and CoreStorage partition labels;
* Added support of named (extended) attributes on Btrfs file systems;
* Added function to mark/unmark multiple objects in Explorer (using context menu);
* Added optional function of saving symbolic links (disabled by default);
* Support opening split DD (raw) image files with FTK Imager naming convention.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

What's new in version 8.13

 * Added function of access to network disks via built-in iSCSI client:

- Full support of discovery and communication with UFS Explorer iSCSI Targets; - Support of third-party SAN/iSCSI targets (require multi-host/cluster support); - Authentication, multi-LUN targets and single-connection mode are not supported;
* iSCSI Target server: added function to attach/detach local disk (under Windows);
* WD MyCloud storages:
- Added indication of MyCloud volumes; - Added support of newer metadata format (version 156); - Type of file system transformation is set for them as 'MyCloud' by default;
* Added indication of sector/cluster number on hexadecimal viewer;
* Added separate field for copyable sector indicator to hex data inspector;
* Fixed bug reading partially encrypted B-tree on APFS;
* APFS: fixed B-tree reconstruction bug in scan procedure;
* HFS+: fixed bugs reading of damaged B-tree;
* XFS: fixed bug reading named attributes;
* ZFS: fixed bug with recognition of lost simple volume partitions during scan;