Wednesday, 11 November 2020

What's new in version 8.8

 * Added decryption of TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt-encrypted storages:

- Support of both password and file-based encryptions; - Support of AES, Serpent, Camellia and Twofish decryption algorithms (no chains); - Support of RIPEMD160, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 and Whirlpool hash functions; - Tests automatically standard/hidden and main/backup header locations.
* VMFS file system:
- Added automatic assembly of multi-extent and big (over 16TB) volumes; - Fixed bug of VMFS/VMFS6 scan when partition start is not aligned properly.
* Added 'Drobo BeyondRAID Assistant' tool (Wizard mode):
- Selection of any disks for analysis (including spare, replaced etc.); - Quick asynchronous scan for lost metadata; - Caching of scan results to speed-up work with multiple configurations and/or volumes; - Support of 1..8-disk RAID sub-configurations built on any number of disks in set; - Automatic, semi-automatic and manual drive numbers assignment.
* Reworked usability of checkboxes on tree view of 'Explorer' UI;
* NTFS file system:
- Added procedure of files recovery using $LogFile content; - Added indication and blocked copying of non-synchronized files from OneDrive;
* Enabled following symbolic links in Explorer (when possible);
* Fixed bug with copying error when source to target is copied root to root;
* Added displaying of metadata files to result of indexing of HFS+ file system.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

UFS Explorer: The New Features That Simply Can’t Go Unnoticed

The team of SysDev Laboratories has made a name for themselves with their innovative software tools that turn daunting data recovery challenges into easily resolvable tasks. Yet, this time, they have managed to surprise even their long-time users: the 8th version of UFS Explorer released this spring was really something with regard to novel features, and as it turned out, that wasn’t all. The product is still being enhanced and is able to show off many more interesting updates. Here’s a brief overview of the most noteworthy advancements added to the software for the past few months.

From the first glance at the list of changes, it is easy to observe that particular focus has been placed on the functionality related to data analysis and work with defective digital media. Among it one should single out:

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Monday, 19 October 2020

What's new in version 8.7

 * Drobo BeyondRAID:

 - Reworked BeyondRAID internal reading procedure;

 - Fixed bugs that caused errors in degraded RAID virtual reconstruction;

 - Added recovery with two missing drives of dual redundacy configurations for 4-8 drives;

 - Simplified RAID builder dialog for BeyondRAID configuration;

* ExFAT scan procedure:

 - Additional procedure for finding previous file system align after storage re-partitioning;

 - Reduced number of 'found file systems' with wrong align;

* NTFS: enabled direct file system access when  DATA attribute is damaged;

* HFS+ file system:

 - Fixed few bugs preventing detection of several partitions during single scan;

 - Reduced memory use by better isolation of files between found file systems instances;

* Fixed several problems in software versions for macOS:

 - Fixed crash bug in copying procedure when popup dialog window have to appear;

 - Fixed rare bug causing dialog sheet to 'stuck';

 - Fixed problem of displaying some auxilitary UI captions;

 - Added software notarization for macOS version 10.14 and later;

* Added S.M.A.R.T. monitor window:

 - Support of most important S.M.A.R.T. attributes for ATA drives (under all OS);

 - Disk temperature and percent of spare space usage for NVMe drives (Windows);

 - Disk temperature and growing list (G-List) size for SCSI drives (Windows, Linux);

 - Manual or automatic data refresh;

 - Function to enable/disable S.M.A.R.T. monitoring on ATA/SATA drives.

Friday, 25 September 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.6

 * Added tool for finding RAID6 Reed-Solomon code multiplicator coefficients;

* Added tool for unwrapping eCryptFS passwords from wrapped password files;

* Support of password unwrapping from Synology 'key file' backup and legacy keystore;

* Added address translation from component to RAID location for RAID0/1/1E/3/5/6/Span;

* Enabled support of address translation from disk-on-disk storage to parent;

* Raw data comparison tool:

 - Added ability to change components order;

 - Added tool for address translation to component;

* Indication of file chunk addresses on Btrfs file system and its scan result;

* Indication of inode offsets on Btrfs file system;

* Fixed rare crash bug that was happening at the end of storage scan;

* Fixed bug of failure of writing data to disk (modifying content) in SCSI mode;

* Modified handling of APFS metadata damage to show more structure when tree is damaged;

* Fixed several bugs with Btrfs file system scan;

* Raw recovery:

 - 'Title' is now recovering as file name for .html and .wpl formats;

 - Added title and date extracton from ODT/ODS/ODP document files;

 - Fixed crash bug on invalid exe-file data.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.5

* Added Adaptec RAID6 to 'Visual mode' of RAID Builder;

* Added 'Grid pattern' view mode to RAID Builder: - Conversion of standard patterns to grid (including delay, shift etc.); - Visualization of custom patterns created with RDL; - Active pattern cell corresponds to hexadecima viewer position; - Stripes naviagtion using pattern grid; - Support of both vertical and horizontal pattern view modes;
* Added 'Entropy report' (histogram) to 'Reports view' of RAID Builder: - Shows entropy histogram of all readable storage components; - Configurable x-scale, y-scale and y-adjustment of the histogram; - Supports sigma-smothing of histogram values; - Custom histogram colors; - Support of dynamic report reconfiguration when drives order is changed; - Pick address location from report picture to navigation in hexadecimal viewer;
* In disk imager: handle BSY/DRQ status as a reason for retries and pausing imaging;
* Reworked procedure of deleted files recovery from EXT3/EXT4 file systems;
* Updated format of 'scan status database' and 'virtual file system' files;
* Photo viewer adopted for new digital camera raw formats of: - CANON EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS 250D; Fuji GFX 100, X-Pro3, X100V, X-T4; - Nikon D780, Z5; Pnanasonic DC-G100, DC-TZ95, DC-G90, DC-G95, DC-GX880; - Sony DSC-RX100 VII, a7R IV, a6100, a9 II; Olympus TG-6 etc.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.4

* Added DeepSpar Disk Imager network terminal to 'Tools' menu;

* RAID builder dialog:

- Added virtual sector size transform to disk menu; - Changed icons to indicate component type and read method (System/ATA/SCSI); - Ability to load partial RAID config via this UI (when components are missing); - Displaying drive serial number or image file path as ID for missing components;
* RAID configuration files:
- Save/restore drive read method (System/ATA/SCSI); - Drive Serial Number is now saved to config file; - Restore RAID config with verification and priority of drive Serial Number; - When disk image is not found, searching it at the same location on other drives; - URCF extension is now mandatory for RAID configuration files;
* Added error reporting for bad RAID configs when opened via general 'Open' dialog;
* Added 'Skip file' button to copying dialog (to skip individual files);
* Raw recovery:
- Added file name generation for .contact, .vcf, .fb2 files; - Recovery of name (Original/Internal) and build date from Windows executables; - Adjustment of file size for EXE/DLL/SYS files to match size of sections and signature;
* Speed-up of properties (preview) extraction for Windows executable files;
* In disk list: change drive icon to ATA/SCSI when drive works with custom method;
* Added ability to change read method via storage properties;
* In 'Open device': devices are re-sorted by drive number.

Monday, 20 July 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.3

* 'Open file location' function in search result now selects object in list;
* In file system report, double-click to record in error log selects object in Explorer;
* Preserving selection of sub-folder when navigating to parent folder using navigation bar;
* EXT file system: speed up of journal processing at completion stage;
* XFS file system: optimization of indexing procedure;
* APFS file system:
- Added support of Apple extended attributes for direct access;
- Added support of basic (resident) attributes in scan result;
* HFS+ file system:
- Speed up of file system indexing;
- Fixed bug reading extended attributes in direct access mode;
* Apple extended attributes and resource forks:
- Support of saving them to NTFS/ReFS named data streams for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP);
- Attribute storage in scan result was moved one level deeper in folder structure;
* Raw recovery: support of more types and several enhancements.

What's new in version 8.8

  * Added decryption of TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt-encrypted storages: - Support of both password and file-based encryptions; - Support of AES, S...