Wednesday, 13 November 2019

How to recover data from a LUKS-encrypted volume

LUKS is one of the most popular cryptographic techniques used on Linux-powered computers and laptops which is considered to be nearly impossible to break using brute-force methods. No doubt, it makes the crucial information stored on the disk well-protected from prying eyes, but unfortunately, this has nothing to with the safety of the data itself, which can get unintentionally deleted or disappear without any obvious reasons.
By luck, files lost from partitions which employ this format can be recovered if the correct password is known and the "key material" section on the disk of up to several megabytes has not been damaged or overwritten. Yet, in order to obtain intact files, one needs to decrypt the storage before making any data recovery attempts. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery allows decrypting such volumes directly in the program’s interface, provides prompt access to their data as well as means to regain deleted or lost information. Follow the given guidelines to decipher your LUKS-encrypted partition and salvage the missing files using this software tool.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery version 7.14

* ZFS direct access: - Fixed bug in double-degraded RAID-Z2/Z3 recovery; - Added support of RAID-Zx0 (stripe of RAID-Z/Z2/Z3); - Added support of SunOS-specific "long" allocations on RAID-Z; - Fixed several bugs in metadata parser procedure. * Dynamic HTML report: - Fixed problem with JavaScript integer precision for big object IDs; - Report with filter is now displayed with minimal required folder structure; - HTML styles corrections. * Microsoft data deduplication support is now available in quick scan; * Added support of VMware seSparse VMDK; * Enhanced raw recovery procedure for MPEG Transport Stream (MTS/M2TS) files; * Fixed bug with "filter" function ("must match"/"must NOT match" pattern).

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.5

* Added Adaptec RAID6 to 'Visual mode' of RAID Builder; * Added 'Grid pattern' view mode to RAID Builder: - Conversion of s...