Sunday, 10 November 2019

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery version 7.14

* ZFS direct access: - Fixed bug in double-degraded RAID-Z2/Z3 recovery; - Added support of RAID-Zx0 (stripe of RAID-Z/Z2/Z3); - Added support of SunOS-specific "long" allocations on RAID-Z; - Fixed several bugs in metadata parser procedure. * Dynamic HTML report: - Fixed problem with JavaScript integer precision for big object IDs; - Report with filter is now displayed with minimal required folder structure; - HTML styles corrections. * Microsoft data deduplication support is now available in quick scan; * Added support of VMware seSparse VMDK; * Enhanced raw recovery procedure for MPEG Transport Stream (MTS/M2TS) files; * Fixed bug with "filter" function ("must match"/"must NOT match" pattern).

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What's new in version 7.16:

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