Wednesday, 17 June 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.1

* Modifications to Disk Imager: - Option to save defect map and log to 'the same location' when target path is selected; - Added 'test API call' start stage to make sure API works with specified parameters; - Pausing imaging process in case of API call errors (when disk is disconnected etc.); - Read errors from imaging procedure (ATA/SCSI) are now duplicated to main event log; - Fixed skipping blocks when SCSI layer reports invalid 'resid' value (Linux etc.); * New functions in procedure of files recovery in 'raw mode' (IntelliRAW): - DOCX, JPEG, Raw photos - extract file name and modification date from file content; - XLSX, TIFF - extract file modification date from metadata; - Added analysis of file tails of ZIP archives when chunk sizes are not enabled; * Toggle selection of partitions in partition manager; * Fixed bug reading disks with defect blocks under Linux using 'system procedure'.

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