Friday, 25 September 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.6

 * Added tool for finding RAID6 Reed-Solomon code multiplicator coefficients;

* Added tool for unwrapping eCryptFS passwords from wrapped password files;

* Support of password unwrapping from Synology 'key file' backup and legacy keystore;

* Added address translation from component to RAID location for RAID0/1/1E/3/5/6/Span;

* Enabled support of address translation from disk-on-disk storage to parent;

* Raw data comparison tool:

 - Added ability to change components order;

 - Added tool for address translation to component;

* Indication of file chunk addresses on Btrfs file system and its scan result;

* Indication of inode offsets on Btrfs file system;

* Fixed rare crash bug that was happening at the end of storage scan;

* Fixed bug of failure of writing data to disk (modifying content) in SCSI mode;

* Modified handling of APFS metadata damage to show more structure when tree is damaged;

* Fixed several bugs with Btrfs file system scan;

* Raw recovery:

 - 'Title' is now recovering as file name for .html and .wpl formats;

 - Added title and date extracton from ODT/ODS/ODP document files;

 - Fixed crash bug on invalid exe-file data.

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