Tuesday, 11 August 2020

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery: What's new in version 8.4

* Added DeepSpar Disk Imager network terminal to 'Tools' menu;

* RAID builder dialog:

- Added virtual sector size transform to disk menu; - Changed icons to indicate component type and read method (System/ATA/SCSI); - Ability to load partial RAID config via this UI (when components are missing); - Displaying drive serial number or image file path as ID for missing components;
* RAID configuration files:
- Save/restore drive read method (System/ATA/SCSI); - Drive Serial Number is now saved to config file; - Restore RAID config with verification and priority of drive Serial Number; - When disk image is not found, searching it at the same location on other drives; - URCF extension is now mandatory for RAID configuration files;
* Added error reporting for bad RAID configs when opened via general 'Open' dialog;
* Added 'Skip file' button to copying dialog (to skip individual files);
* Raw recovery:
- Added file name generation for .contact, .vcf, .fb2 files; - Recovery of name (Original/Internal) and build date from Windows executables; - Adjustment of file size for EXE/DLL/SYS files to match size of sections and signature;
* Speed-up of properties (preview) extraction for Windows executable files;
* In disk list: change drive icon to ATA/SCSI when drive works with custom method;
* Added ability to change read method via storage properties;
* In 'Open device': devices are re-sorted by drive number.

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